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Affiliate Marketing
for Bricks and Mortar. At last.

Despite bricks and mortar still account for more than 90% of all the transactions made in Australia in 2020 across most industries, there seems not to be an effective way of promoting a store and measure the performance of offline marketing efforts.

We developed the technology that allows a network of publishers to promote your store.
Welcome to the era of In-Store Affiliate Marketing.

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Create ambassadors.
Build relationships.

Let customers promote your business and offer them a cash commission for every in-store purchase they refer to you.

Publish offers in seconds and leverage your customers’ network to bring more people to your door.

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Find Superfans-to-be,
near to your store.

Find, activate and build solid loyalty with an audience yet to be discovered. Your fans are out there. But they don’t know about you yet. 

Let our superior technology discover those who will drive in-store sales. Rely on a network of people with years of affiliate marketing experience.

Go deep with
Customer Intelligence.

You need to know what’s going on – what works and what doesn’t. Tapwise Customer Intelligence brings you sophisticated statistical data about purchasing behaviour in a simple, playful way, that anybody can understand.

Our clients can tap into unparalleled knowledge. Tapwise makes use of machine learning to enrich transaction data, collecting from over 21k data points in Australia and globally.

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Affiliate Marketing + Loyalty

With years of experience in both worlds, Tapwise provides a platform that allows you to find new customers and build loyalty simultaneously.

We offer the most seamless experience available today on the market for merchants to launch and manage affiliate and loyalty programs and grow their offline retail business.

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“Tapwise is the toolbox merchants have intimately always begged for.”